Shadowrun : Seattle 2075

American Gothic: Session 12

Devil Rats!

The team met for the first time since the raid on the theme park, months had passed, the city has a new mayor and they had two job offers on the table, wet work for the mafia or a culture theft for a Mr Johnson. They chose the art theft.

The target would be the American Gothic, currently on tour in the Museum of Art. A price of £30,000 was agreed and the team set to work. First task, a visit to the museum, where they scoped out the defenses, security guards, with a couple of trolls and an awakened alongside the cameras and sensors. Stairwells were spotted and a job opening as a tour guide gifted them an opening. Installing the right hard ware, B1ink put himself forward for the role.

Meanwhile Bambi and Birdi went to hunt devilrats, which was a bit more tricker than they thought, but in the end Sammy the spirit was satisfied with the offering.



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